EDU 505

Deep River Elementary School

EDU 505 was the perfect course to start my Master of Education program. It helped me define my professional goals by forcing me to rethink my foundational assumptions about education. I am much more future-focused, looking for ways to incorporate personalization through technology, not just in the classroom, but in Tier II intervention as well. I know I want to flip my classroom, and use a rotation model that incorporates students’ personal mobile devices. My curriculum will be project-based and interdisciplinary, while still allowing students to build and master the literacy, math, metacognitive, and inquiry skills that are so essential in elementary school.

Looking toward the future of my current school, this course has raised several questions for me. Will my colleagues be on board with these new models of teaching and learning? How much time, money, and training is needed to implement changes appropriately? Much of the research about blended learning focuses on high school and middle school, so how could these models work in primary grades?

Creating this blog is a big step for me! I am brand new to blogging, and look forward to expanding my knowledge and skills throughout the M.Ed. program.


Click picture for presentation.
Click picture for presentation.


What is Learning?

One of the the first tasks I was given was to think about my definition of learning. Very quickly, through readings, videos, and discussions, my thoughts changed. My view of learning moved from fairly school-centered to a wider vision encompassing students and the community at large. When we consider learning only as a school activity, we place all the power in the teachers’ hands, and strip students of any ability to manage or direct their own education. Administration, teachers, students, families, and communities need to come together to develop new school models that serve students as people. To help them become readers, thinkers, writers, doers, and good people,  not just empty buckets to be filled with knowledge.  I also began to see learning as a forward-thinking, future-planning tool. What we learn today influences our choices, actions, beliefs, and innovations tomorrow.

Click on the picture to see the mind map.

Link to .jpg of mind map.
What is learning?





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