What I love (and Don’t Love…and Really, REALLY Love) About My Job

My position is unique among the staff at my school. I am the Tier II reading interventionist for grades 3-6. There are 2 more Tier II staff, but because I’m a certified teacher, I get pulled to sub. I love that I work with kiddos all across the school – making me one of the few paras who can name every student in the building. (Yes, I said para. My job is uncertified, even though I am). I love that I can delve deeply into reading instruction with my intervention groups, yet still teach math when I’m in a classroom. (I like teaching fractions. Does that make me weird?)

I don’t love that there are stretches of time when there are no subs and I get pulled more frequently. Yes, being in the classroom is wonderful, but my primary responsibility is to my students.

I don’t love that I see my colleagues – and students – stress themselves out over the barrage of testing that hits us in the spring. I don’t like that so many of my colleagues don’t have the time or energy to do the one thing we all love outside of school – read.

Which brings me back around to why I really, REALLY love my job. It is all about reading. While I don’t often have time during the school year to climb the mountains of new books constantly being published (not to mention past classics, award winners, etc)., summer is the ideal time to scale those peaks.

So, let me introduce to you my own summer reading challenge – a mountain range of books consisting of:

  • Nutmeg Book Award nominees (Elementary, Intermediate, Teen) – This is a big deal in my school. Ask a Connecticut librarian for more info, or check out their website.
  • Teacher magazine’s “50 Best Books of Summer” – Scholastic’s magazine publishes a collection of 50 titles organized by genre.
  • How Full Is Your Bucket? – Staff development for the coming year will focus on this book.
  • Suggested titles and mentor texts for Units of Study, which my school will implement this coming year.
  • If I have the time…

I have one self-imposed rule for scaling these book mountains: I cannot purchase anything until I have read it. The library and I are going to become quite close over the next two months.

My first trip to the library. Thank goodness for self-check out!

I’ll be posting updates with reviews and ratings every few days. Until then – keep reading!



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